Candace Renee is a Serial entrepreneur, graphic designer, Mentor and upcoming Youtuber. She began her journey into entrepreneurship in 2017 when she created her first ever business which was a hair company called Lovereneecollection she was selling bundles wigs lashes hair accessories hot tools. During that time she was also getting into graphic design she learned the basic of graphic design in high school and further her career into graphic design after by self teaching herself how to do more advanced things on photoshop and illustrator.

She began making shopify websites on the side for people and flyers as a side hustle. in 2018 Candace Renee made over $50K in the hair industry then started her second business which was lashes and jewelry which was ShoploveRenee which she had that business for a few months. Candace has always helped people which graphics and business but just never made it a full time business until now Candace is very passionate about helping people with there business